Different types of Gambler hats

The acquisition adds YouTube and Twitch to Acroud's offering
The acquisition adds YouTube and Twitch to Acroud's offering

When you visit a casino or play poker at someone’s house, dressing up makes things way more fun. So, with that in mind, what is the best gambler hat

Believe it or not, you’ll find several gambler hats online and in-person. Some are designed for men and women, whereas others were put together for one or the other. And regardless of the theme, you’re looking for, the internet almost certainly has something to match your needs. 

In this guide, we’ll show you 10 gambler hats you should consider purchasing. We’ll also point you in the right direction if you’re interested in buying one. 

Gambler Cowboy Hat

Perhaps the best-known gambler hat theme is the men’s gambler cowboy hat. (Picture by HATS.COM)

Since first coming onto the global scene, the cowboy hat has become one of the most recognizable symbols on the globe. If you think of any states that used to be part of the Wild West, and if you visit Texas today, one will almost certainly pop into your head. 

You can purchase several variations of the gambler cowboy hat online, and you’ll also find one that fits your price range. Many of the cheaper ones aren’t as high in quality, so they’re useful if you plan on having a wild weekend in Vegas – but you don’t want to take anything that you’ll probably lose. 

Stetson Gambler Hat

Of every men’s gambler cowboy hat you can find on the market, the Stetson version is perhaps the most iconic.

The hat’s brand, Stetson, is named after the legendary American hat maker John Stetson – though his original company no longer operates and Stetson hats are instead produced by Hatco, Inc. 

The Stetson gambler hat is a byword for quality. You’ll receive durable materials when you purchase one, meaning that your hat will be a worthy companion at many poker tables throughout its lifetime. On top of that, the hat is available in multiple sizes – saving you the embarrassment of having something too big, or another size that simply does not fit. 

Scala Palm Men’s Fiber Gambler

The Scala gambler hat is hand-washable. 

While the fit and quality of your hat matter, a black gambler hat simply doesn’t cut it in some situations. If you want to bring out your summery side a bit more, consider going for something brighter – such as the Scala Men’s Fiber Gambler.

Scala’s gambler hat uses technology to help keep you cool when it’s hot, making it the perfect addition to your suitcase if you want to visit somewhere like Las Vegas in the summer. Similarly, you can use it if you ever wish to head out for a spot of golf. 

Classic Straw Gambler Hat With Vegan Leather 

These days, more people have placed an increasing emphasis on sustainability and protecting the environment. Clothing can have a huge impact on natural resources and the world around us, so if you want to do your part, you might want to consider this classic straw hat with vegan leather. 

The classic straw gambler hat is one of the more affordable options on our list, and it’s another excellent choice if you want to look (and feel) cool on those sunny days. If you’re going somewhere windy, you don’t need to worry about it blowing away as you have a chin strap to use. 

Hollywood Leather Cowboy Hat

Gambling is restricted heavily in California, but you can still feel like you’ve just walked out of Hollywood with this exquisite leather cowboy hat. While it’s not specifically a gambler hat, you certainly will not look out of place when pitting your wits against others at your local casino. 

This hat was created by American Outback Hats, and it’s arguably the best on our list if we talk about quality alone. Its intriguing brown colour will make you look the part wherever you are, and it’s also a useful accessory for multiple outfits. 

Dorfman Pacific Co. Men’s Rush Gambler

When stepping up to sit at the poker table, you want to show that you mean business. Nothing will do that more than wearing an appropriate gambler hat that fits your style, and this Men’s Rush Gambler by Dorfman Pacific Co. might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

At $18, this hat is one of the least expensive options on our list. However, it’s undoubtedly one of the most stylish in equal measure. You can order in multiple sizes, ranging from small all the way up to extra large. The brim will also keep your eyes shielded on hotter days, and its straw material is durable. 

Dobbs St. Charles Shantung Straw Gambler Hat 

If you’re going to a particularly upscale meetup, you’ll want a fancy gambler hat that fits the bill. And we can tell you for a fact that Dobbs’ St. Charles Shantung Straw gambler hat certainly falls into that category. Even at first glance, this headpiece oozes elegance and will undoubtedly get others looking enviously in your direction. 

The hat is made from 100% shantung straw, and it’s unlined; you can purchase it in sizes ranging from small to extra large. For those days when it’s especially hot, you will thank the inner sweatband for not staining it while you land the winning move in your poker event. 

Oaxaca Wool Felt Gambler Hat

If darker hats are more your thing, then Biltmore’s Oaxaca wool felt gambler hat is a better choice for you. The hat was made in Mexico and is part of the company’s Vintage Couture collection from 1917. 

The Oaxaca wool felt gambler hat has a three-inch brim, helping to keep the sun or indoor lights away from your eyes so you can concentrate. Meanwhile, its semi-stiff build allows for a bit of flexibility. The hat was made in Mexico. 

Tokyo Straw Gambler Hat 

If you’re looking for something a little less flashy, the Tokyo straw gambler hat is a good starting point to consider. The hat is available in several colours, including black and beige. Drybones manufactured it, and you can get it delivered all the way from Japan. 

Created in 2019, the Tokyo straw gambler hat is one of the newer additions to our list. You can combine it with multiple outfits, and you’ll find the hat especially useful if you spend the majority of your time outdoors. 

High Desert Wool Felt Gambler Hat

To round off our list, we’ll talk about the high desert wool felt gambler hat by Charlie 1 Horse. This gambler hat was designed primarily for women, and it’s one of the fanciest hats included in this article. 

You can order the hat in three sizes from small to large, and it comes in elegant brown colour. The hat is made of 100% wool felt, and you can easily avoid annoyances with sweat stains – thanks to the leather sweat lining. 

Which Gambler Hat Will You Choose? 

So, there you have it – that’s our gambler hat list, featuring 10 swanky designs that will almost certainly meet your needs in one way, shape, or form. The hats we’ve featured in this article aren’t in any particular order, so you can pick whichever you think is the best fit for you. 

Once you’ve bought your gambler hat, you’re ready to hit the poker table and prove you’re the best player – not just the best-dressed!