Hamza Afifi: “At iGB Live!, Soft2Bet will strive to create an immersive experience for its attendees”

Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet.
Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet.

Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet, granted Focus Gaming News an exclusive interview to talk about the company’s expectations at iGB Live!.

Exclusive interview.- iGB Live! is just around the corner and Soft2Bet will be one of the leading companies at one of the biggest events this summer.

Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet, sat down with Focus Gaming News to talk about the upcoming event, the company’s latest partnerships and Soft2Bet’s entrance into the Irish market.

Soft2Bet will exhibit at iGB Live! Amsterdam, what do you expect from this edition?

For Soft2Bet, the iGB Live! Amsterdam exhibition will be an exciting opportunity for the business to make a splash within the iGaming industry and gain access to some valuable networking prospects. We expect to meet many potential and current customers in person; with it being a game-changing chance, we just won’t get anywhere else. In addition to that, simply by attending the iGB Live!, Soft2Bet will also get to discover the direction the industry is heading in, which means we can successfully plan for our future business strategies.

What can visitors expect to see from Soft2Bet at the fair?

At iGB! Live event, Soft2Bet will strive to create an immersive experience for its attendees. We always go for creating these getaway experiences that capture the minds and attention of all present. You can expect greater integration with the technology we now use daily. Then, we will link together individuals with similar demographics, experiences, work history, and more. In addition, we are hoping to make these powerful connections, learn from each other, and take away valuable boots-on-the-ground knowledge. Basically, there will be this ecosystem that will create a massive benefit for attendees and our company alike. We guarantee that the attendees will be immersed and come away with valuable new knowledge and access to expertise!

In the last months, Soft2Bet partnered with different firms such as Gaming Realms, Thunderkick, and Pariplay. What do these deals represent for the company?

The strategic partnerships we have created with these guys and many more meant uniting the strengths to expand our brands’ reach. Moreover, they have added value to our customers with the brand-new game collections. 

“Soft2Bet is all about showing the players that we care and that they can always expect fresh content offerings from us.”

Hamza Afifi, PR Director at Soft2Bet.

On another note, the deals have also added value to the company, reinforced brand awareness, and established brand trust. As these companies are all industry leaders, they deliver creative ways to expand our audience and potentially enter new markets. Along with an extended reach into a wider variety of customers, Soft2Bet can now broaden its horizons in formerly unexplored areas.

The company has recently announced the launch of a new platform. What feedback did you receive from customers and partners?

Customer and partner feedback is essential for Soft2Bet to develop products, services, and service quality continuously. The new platform has received individual customer experiences that offered Soft2Bet excellent learning potential for those responsible for products or processes. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that everyone was satisfied with the latest updates on the platform, as it is a solution that enabled us to quickly adapt to evolving customer needs. With it, the customer experience has been improved, which means we delivered an exceptional journey based on the feedback collected at all touchpoints throughout the course.

In April, Soft2Bet obtained a licence to offer its services in Ireland. What does this growth mean to the company? Are you planning to continue expanding to other regions?

The Irish market entry was an essential step for Soft2Bet, which sees it as a key territory in its growth strategy. Our content is already becoming popular in the country’s sector as well as quickly turning into something familiar to local players. We are beyond excited that we have finally launched our services there, as the country has enormous potential. Following the debut in Ireland, we’re sure this latest move will significantly boost our efforts to establish ourselves as a true regional powerhouse, with more plans on the horizon. We are now gaining detailed knowledge of other markets, compliance aspects, and local player tastes and preferences. Therefore, watch out for some new market entries from Soft2Bet soon!

What are the next steps for the company, and what are the upcoming challenges for the rest of 2022?

Soft2Bet believes that company culture is the engine that drives a business — and speeding up growth requires regular maintenance. By transforming culture into continuity, we ensure the company’s longevity and scale the growth mindset. And achieving this sustainability means we redirect the attention to building upward, making room for economic stability and day-to-day focus. At the moment, we are focusing on rolling out new projects, improving the already existing ones, being more present on social media, and, of course, delivering an exceptional customer journey to our players.

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